Our Trimming Services

This is one of the most popular services that we offer and for good reason. It can bring a wealth of benefits to the trees, shrubs and bushes in your yard and should form part of the regular maintenance program if you want your trees and large plants to continue looking their best year round.

There are many benefits to timely and consistent tree trimming!

We Trim All Trees and Large Bushes

Promoting Strong Growth

Cutting back growth can really help to promote healthy and strong growth in your trees so that they are a credit to any yard. In addition to that however, it also promotes healthy growth in the root system. As the roots help to anchor the tree itself, this can in turn lead to a strong and stable tree that can stand up to extremes of weather.

Remove Dangerous Branches

Overtime the trees in your yard will shed branches as they die off. This is perfectly natural for a tree, and in a forest poses no harm. In a yard however this can pose serious risks to people and property. During our pruning service we will take care to remove all dead or dying branches safely, removing the risk.

Controlled Growth

One of the reasons that branches do die is that left to grow naturally, trees may not grow in the optimum way. Over time, this just means that branches that are not perfectly placed will die off. However, we can take the element of chance out of the tree growth pattern by cutting back unwanted growth, encouraging the tree to grow in more safe and stable ways.

Improve Overall Tree Health

A trim by our professional service is also a great way to just improve the overall health of your trees. By removing additional and unwanted growth of foliage, we can allow clean air to circulate properly around all parts of the tree and also increase the exposure to sunlight. This is very important for protecting the tree from fungal infestations, and also just promoting good overall health.

Fruit Growth

If any of your trees bear fruit, then good pruning can lead to the biggest crop and the largest and healthiest fruit you’ve ever seen! The fact is, the healthier a tree is, the better equipped it is to produce fruit. So if you look forward to fruit season every year, help it to be the best ever.

Trained Growth

This service is not just designed for mature trees either. In fact, it can be extremely beneficial to bring us in to work on younger trees too, even saplings. At this early stage, we can help to shape the growth of the tree. We can promote the growth of strong and healthy branches and well-shaped foliage. Not only can this help to produce good looking trees that will be a credit to your yard, they will grow up healthy and strong, better able to resist adverse weather and disease.

We provide the best Tree Trimming service in Minnesota

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