Tree Removal Services

As a tree services company we don’t like chopping down trees. We recognize that trees can be a vital part of an attractive yard, and that often people can have a real attachment to the trees that grow around their homes.

We much prefer to be trimming and pruning them and helping them look amazing rather than cutting them down. Sadly though, sometimes there can be no other choice.

So, just why is removal sometimes the best option?

Why Remove a Tree?


There is a wide range of tree diseases out there, many more than most people would assume. In addition to disease, trees can also suffer from fungus growth or animal attacks or nesting, all of which can weaken the tree. Whilst we of course always try to treat rather than remove, sometimes there can be no choice. If for example the tree has been severely weakened by the disease or infestation, it could become a fall hazard during the next storm or period of high wind or heavy snow. In that case it is the safe option to allow us to safely remove the tree.


Trees are by and large pretty tough. They are out in extremes of weather all year, completely unprotected, and usually are fine. In the rare instances where they are damaged however, this can potentially cause serious problems. For one thing, trees are not particularly adept at repairing themselves. So what can seem like small damage like minor trunk cracking can over time develop into more serious issues. As we discussed above, this can then make the tree a potential hazard. If it has received damage and it’s structure is weakened, naturally this makes the tree less able to handle stress like high winds. Again, taking the tree down could be the best way to make it safe.

Poor Placement

You may have moved into a new property and you simply don’t like the placement of the tees in the yard. They could for example be blocking too much of your light during the summer, or they could be in a place where you want to build a new garage or swimming pool or you just want an uninterrupted lawn. Don’t let the placement of the trees by the previous homeowner affect your plans. No matter where on your property the tree is located we have the training, experience and tools to bring it down safely.

Excessive Growth

Finally, sometimes a tree simply grows too large, too fast. It may start to overhang your property for example, in which case it poses a severe hazard should it fall in a storm. The foliage could be blocking your light in summer, and the branches could interfere with your roof and guttering, potentially causing serious issue there. Trimming and pruning is of course always an option, however a more long-term solution could be to simply have us remove the tree, taking the problem away permanently.

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