Tree Cutting Services

We offer a range of Tree Cutting & Trimming Services, all designed to produce healthy and good-looking trees that will improve the appearance of your yard.


It really depends on what exactly you’re looking for with your trim however. Our expert staff will talk through all the options available to you, however broadly speaking the level of trimming and cutting we can perform is described below.

We Cut Trees Of All Sizes

Fine Trim

This level of cutting and trimming is all about the appearance – you could look at it as a haircut for your trees! This the quickest and easiest level of service that we offer, and broadly speaking we will not be penetrating the foliage too far. Instead, it will be an all over trim of smaller twigs and surface leaf growth. It’s designed to make your trees look great, without taking too much of your time or making too much of a mess! This is going to suit trees that have already had some work done to them, as it is more of a maintenance job.

Full Cut & Trim

A deeper level of work will be undertaken here. This is perfect for trees that perhaps have not had much, or any, work performed on them in the past. This will see more branches being cut along with a general trim back of foliage. For this reason, this level of work can be perfect to help reshape a tree by cutting back unwanted branch growth. This can both promote healthier growth in the future, and also help to make your tree grow strong and healthy.

Hazard Cuts

This type of service is less designed to improve the aesthetic appeal of the tree, as with the two options above. Instead, this is designed to minimize any hazards that the tree could present. So for example, if the tree is overhanging any part of your property, we could cut back and remove the overhang. This protects your property from damage should the worst happen and the overhanging branches fall during a period of poor weather.

Interference Cut

Sometimes tree growth doesn’t pose a direct hazard, but it is still interfering with a part of your home. Usually this is the roof or the guttering systems. Long branches can grow outward into contact with the gutter, affecting the flow of draining rainwater and potentially even damaging the system. A professional cut from us however will not only remove this danger, we can also correct the growth to keep the branches from growing in that direction again.

Storm Damage

Trees can really suffer in storms where the high winds can damage the branches and trunks and heavy rain can affect the root system. After a period of poor weather, we can inspect the tree as part of the cut and trim service. We can remove damaged or dying branches to help the tree to recover and come back stronger than ever.

We provide the best Tree Cutting service in Minnesota

If any of the above sound like services you would need then please don’t hesitate to get in touch! We are happy to discuss in more depth all of our options, provide an assessment and even an obligation free quotation.