Stump Removal

Our stump removal service is second to none, however there is one question that we always seem to hear, over and over again!

Do I Really Need to Remove the Stump?

The short answer is no, because we’re not here to make you do anything that you don’t want to. However, once we have felled and removed your tree we do recommend that we also remove the stump.

We Love Pulling Out Stumps

There are a number of reasons we recommend getting rid of that stump:

1) They are not attractive. Stumps are just not nice to look at, period. If you care about the aesthetics of your yard, if you any eye for landscaping – then they really need to go!

2) They can be dangerous, especially if you have children playing in the yard. They can be concealed by grass and be a real trip hazard. They are also pretty hard if you do fall directly onto them.

3) They will decay. This can attract insects like termites and ants that love either eating or boring into wood. That’s fine, it’s only an old stump. It’s not so fine when they finish their meal there and start infesting nearby trees instead – or even move into your home!

How Will Your Remove It?

We have three distinct options available to us when it comes to stump removal. Which one we go for will be dictated by a number of factors such as the size of the stump itself and its location in your garden.

Our trained staff will talk through the options as they present themselves with your specific needs. Broadly speaking however, the three options open to us are:


The most straightforward way to get rid of a stump is to physically rip it out the ground. Depending on access, we could look to use a mini digger or a winch. Naturally, this is the most traumatic removal method so is not suited for landscaped gardens or lawns as it can cause some localized damage to the ground or lawn. It’s also dependent on the size of the tree and how elaborate and embedded the root system is.


For larger trees or where you wish to avoid the potential damage of a physical removal, chemical could be the way to go. Once the tree is down, we will drill holes though the trunk and pour in a special chemical agent. It will, over a period of a few weeks, both kill the stump and help it to start break down rapidly. We can then return and relatively quickly remove the now soft and spongy stump with axes, hammers and other manual means.


Finally, grinding is the mechanical option that we bring to the table. Because it involves machinery it is both slightly more involved but also quicker than the two methods above. The grinder (we have several sizes to suit any stump) is basically a strong, vibrating blade that essentially shreds the stump. It’s loud alright – but it’s fast!

As we said, we will talk through all the options before we proceed and make sure you are happy with what we propose before we start work.

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