Emergency Tree Removal & Service

Our Emergency Tree service is on hand 24 hours a day to provide assistance because when you have a problem with your trees and need help then you want it to arrive fast!

That is our guarantee to you. So if you find yourself in any of the situations described below, then we are here to help you!

Emergency? Call for tree removal!

Partial Tree Collapse

This is potentially one of the most dangerous situations involving your trees. You may find that this happens in the wake of a storm, where high winds and heavy rain fall can be a dangerous combination for trees. It can also happen after heavy snowfall where the additional weight of the snow has damaged the tree structure. It is also possible that there is no weather involvement at all. A large branch or part of the trunk can die over a period of time, slowly decaying until one day it collapses. A partially collapsed tree – whether this is a large branch or branches or the entire tree itself – is extremely dangerous and you should keep well away from it until we are able to make it secure.

Root Damage

Even if the trunk itself shows no sign of damage, if the tree’s root system is damaged instead that can also be a serious problem. You may notice that the tree is leaning to an angle, and/or you may notice disturbance in the ground around the tree base. Either (or worse, both) of these signs point to severe damage to the root system. The roots act as the anchor for the tree, so damage here means the tree is liable to collapse unexpectedly. Again, call us in as soon as you notice either symptom.

Fallen Tree Removal

If a tree has already collapsed to the ground then you will want to have it removed quickly and safely. Only you can know what constitutes an emergency of course, and if the tree not causing any harm or obstruction to access then you may want to merely call us to book a removal (see Non-Emergency Assistance below). If, however the tree has fallen in a way that blocks access – say across your driveway – then we can arrange for an emergency tree removal to get it out of your way as soon as possible. Always be careful when inspecting fallen trees, and if the tree has brought down power cables stay well away and call us immediately!

Post Storm Damage Assessment & Inspection

Finally, we are also available to perform inspections of suspect trees. If you think a tree may have been damaged don’t hesitate to call us. Our friendly and professional staff will be able to assess the tree and offer further advice.

Non-Emergency Assistance

Please remember that in addition to our emergency tree services, we are also a professional tree company that is able to provide a wide range of services. So if you need a tree removed or damage assessed but you do not feel it is an emergency situation then please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

We provide the best Emergency Tree service in Minnesota