Why hire a professional arborist to take care of your trees? This is a question we see a lot because, well, we are professional arborists. 

To answer it shortly, we bring a wealth of training and experience into your yard. When we work on your trees we make them healthy, we make them look good and we do it all safely and with minimal disturbance to you.

Of course, we also know that times are tight and budgets can be stretched – so it absolutely makes sense that you may look to save some money in this area and do a DIY job instead. What we believe however is that this is a false economy and could end up costing you more money in the long run.


Arbor Care Services From The Pros

We make Your Trees Look Great!

Chances are that you don’t cut your own hair; you go to a professional hairdresser or a barber, right? Well you should kind of look at us in the same way, we have the equipment, the experience and the training to make the most of your trees. This could be trimming the foliage of excess growth, it could be removing dead or dying branches. Trees, because of their size, naturally draw the eye of visitors to your yard. Therefore, if you want your yard to look as good as it can, you need us to make the trees look as good as they can.

We Spot Diseased Trees

You know what else you get when you hire us? You get the benefits of our years of experience and training in spotting and treating tree diseases. There are a surprising number of diseases and infestations that can affect trees. Spotted early, they can often be treated successfully. Left too long however, they can make the tree unsafe, requiring removal before it dies and falls.

We Protect You

There are a number of tasks that can be tackled as DY projects around the home. Tree surgery however is not one of them. Thousands of Americans hurt themselves – sometimes seriously – every year trying to trim or fell their own trees. This task involves working at height, working with items that can fall suddenly and also with heavy power tools like chainsaws and chippers. Don’t risk you safety just to save a few bucks.

Weather Proof Your Trees

An admission up front – it is never possible to 100% weather proof a tree. These are pretty hardy things after all, but they are not impervious to damage. However, by bringing us in for regular maintenance like cutting and trimming back growth will help to make the trees more likely to survive severe weather like storms, heavy rain and snowfall. So a small investment can save serious money in the long run, as a falling tree can do serious damage to property.

There you are, just a few of reasons why you should consider bringing us in to care for your trees. Do know though that this list is far from comprehensive – we just ran out of space! So please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss just what we can do to help your trees be the best that they can be.

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