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Our tree service is different from other companies serving Minneapolis, MN who do residential & commercial tree removal, trimming, stump work and so on.

We specialize in great customer experience and lower costs, to ensure that experience is the best possible.

Many companies today and just in Minnesota, only worry about their profits and forget about the importance of their customers. We work hard to ensure it never happens to us.

We value our hard working crew, appreciate the community, supporters and of course, our customers.

Tree service, being a rough and very hand on business with very little margin for error, especially when it comes to extraction of larger trees requires patience, proper equipment and great crew, all of which we have.

We set ourselves apart from competition by showing what we’re all about when we first meet and provide you with a free estimate whether it’s trimming, branch cutting or anything else you need done on the property.

We’re at (612) 324-0192 so give us a call today and set up your free cost estimate.

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Why Choose Us

Get It Right

We get it right the first time to avoid having to fix things later on. We measure twice and cut once.

Ready To Help

Our crew is always prepared with all the necessary tools and equipment whether it's routine work or emergency tree removal.

Unmatched Experience

We pride ourselves at being the most customer oriented tree company in all of Minneapolis, and our work reflects it.

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Our services

We Offer a Wide Variety of Services To Suit Everyone's Needs
No Obligation, Free Quotes

We're more than happy to provide you with a free estimate no matter the size of the job. Residential or commercial, we do them all.


Simple enough., We trim trees and unwanted branches that may or may not be hanging over your property. We also fix storm damaged trees.

Extraction (Removal)

Completely get rid of unwanted trees, bushes and all other types of wooden plants without them growing back again and bothering you.

Stump Services

Anything that has to do with stumps, be sure to give us a call. We have the skills and equipment to effectively take care of them (if you know what we mean).


Pruning services are often in demand to keep wanted trees in great shape and to control the speed and direction of their growth. We're your pruning experts!

Land Clearing

Got a piece of land that need to be cleared? We got you covered. Call us up and we'll be happy to provide a hassle free quote on any size project.